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15th November 2018


Across a number of sectors and regulatory areas, the UK Government has expressed its intention to maintain status quo arrangements for obtaining licences to trade with the EU, and for domestic compliance and enforcement. In the event that a Brexit withdrawal deal is agreed, it remains unclear whether UK regulators would be able to provide licences for the EU market after the transition period; it is also unclear if notified bodies in the UK will be able to conduct conformity assessment checks destined for the EU market. In the event of a ‘no deal Brexit’, firms may need to comply with new licence requirements and changes to their competent regulatory authority.

Your business should consider

Which regulatory agencies do you work with? What steps might you need to take to comply with separate UK and EU regulators in the future?

Resources and information

UK Government Brexit technical notices on regulation have been published for these sectors:

  • Transport
  • Farming and fishing
  • Energy
  • Medicines and medical equipment
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Satellites and space
  • Seafaring

And for these cross-cutting regulatory issues:

  • Meeting business regulations
  • Labelling products and making them safe
  • Personal data and consumer rights
  • Protecting the environment

You can find these technical notices here.

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