Food Labelling Changes After Brexit

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9th April 2019

If the UK leaves the EU without a Brexit deal on 12 April, there will be changes that affect your food and drink business. Find out how you can prepare.


  • If you export food products to the EU – changes from 11pm, 12 April 2019
  • If you produce or place goods on the UK market after exit day – changes by 31 December 2020
  • Change by March 2022: Geographical Indication (GI) logo

The rules for what you must show on food labels will change for some food and drink products if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 11pm, 12 April 2019. Some of the new rules will come into effect from exit day. For others, you’ll have longer to update your food labels. These proposals are subject to agreement with devolved administrations and Parliamentary process.

The UK government is aiming wherever possible to allow a transition period for labelling changes in relation to goods produced or imported and placed on the UK market after exit day.

Wherever a transition period is not possible, Defra will encourage pragmatic enforcement within the UK.

What the food and drink industry needs to know about preparing for a no deal EU exit
(PDF Document)

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